A variety of jobs

A Willow that had grown out of shape and was dominating the light in a garden in Horsted Keynes. Before After This job was a front garden clearance in Crawley. The trees were seriously dominating the front garden and shading out the whole house of light. Before After- the customer was very happy with the … Read more

Large Ash tree fell-Burgess Hill

This tree had to come down as the customers insurance company deemed it to unsafe to stay. When we went to quote we realised why they had taken this decision with over half the trunk completely rotten and being able to put your whole leg about 2 foot down into the base of the tree. … Read more

Large decayed Ash dismantle

We had been watching this tree for several years and monitoring its condition due to colonisation of Honey fungus and¬†Perenniporia fraxinea but sadly the time had come for it to come down as the extent of the rot was too much and seriously compromised its stability. We sectionally dismantled the crown and burnt the branches … Read more

2013-2014-Storm & Emergency Work

We were kept incredibly busy during the recent storms of late last year and early this year providing emergency tree surgery for customers who had suffered storm damage. Here are a few photos of some of the work we carried out and an explanation of the works. This Western Red Cedar’s whole rootplate was lifting … Read more

Re-Pollarding a willow

This willow had previously been pollarded approximately 5-6 years ago, the customer wanted it re-pollarded to maintain the tree and reduce the weight on the limbs and to improve the light in the garden.   Willows grow incredibly fast and pollarding Willow trees can be a good management plan for a tree that needs to … Read more

Conifer fell- 1,000 yr old Church

This multi-stemmed conifer had declined rapidly over the past year and the Parish Council of Worth Church (Crawley) took the decision to fell the tree and called us in. The Church is 1,000 years old and a very special place for the public and church goers alike. ¬† ¬† The tree was a tricky dismantle, … Read more

Oak Reduction- Crawley

The specification of this job was to reduce the Oak, by approximately 15-20% and to remove the lower epicormic growth. The tree was situated at the rear of a Property, with the canopy spreading over 6 gardens including 2 sheds, a greenhouse and several fences. Communication between the climber and groundsmen was paramount in preventing … Read more

Tree Surgery in Confined Spaces

We frequently have to work on trees in confined spaces like gardens. Obviously there is a real risk of damaging things like greenhouses and conservatories in situations like this. Recently we worked in a churchyard and had to be very careful not to damage the graves below. This all part of the job! We are … Read more