Formal Hedge Trimming

Twice a year Greyhound visit a historic estate in Kent to carry out a major hedge trimming project. As the hedges are a critical part of the formal layout of the gardens, this job requires great accuracy. It is important

15 – 21 June 2015

Rain on Tuesday, then changing to showers on Wednesday. Fine days on Thursday and Friday before rain at the weekend. Gardeners World suggest you pay particular attention to your lawn at the moment. The long, light days, warmth and frequent

8 – 14th June

The weather this week starts off well, turning to rain on Thursday. The Gardeners World website suggests this is a good week to create a hanging basket. Roses and lawns need especial care this month according to Which magazine. This

Lightning Damage

Yesterday’s storms were spectacular. They also badly damaged this 150 year old Oak tree in Crawley. Mid Sussex Times If you find yourself with damaged trees after a storm, please call us. We understand the need for urgent attention and